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About the Zhongma Fund

Zhongma United Private Equity Fund Management Co., Ltd. ("Zhongma Fund") is a global equity investment fund that specializes in investment management of national sovereign funds, institutional and private wealth management,family offices, investment management and investment banking services. The fund is controlled by multiple sovereign fund investors and listed companies, and focuses on industries such as life sciences, technology, healthcare, new energy, and food security. It is a professional investment fund focusing on the Greater China region and the ASEAN economic community. The assets under management of Zhongma exceeded US$3 billion in 2024, providing customized investment solutions covering various asset classes and geographical regions. Headquartered in Beijing, Zhongma has research and investment teams and offices in Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, Switzerland and other places.



  • Fund security appreciation

    The sole purpose of fund management is to ensure the safe appreciation of investor funds

  • Investment advice

    Investment recommendations based on proprietary research and technological tools

  • Personalized configuration

    Develop personalized configuration models for specific risk/reward optimization

  • Risk management

    Risk management based on unique and proven technical analysis

  • Diversification

    Global and industry diversification

  • International investment

    Direct international investment in local markets

Zhongma Investment Areas

Zhongma Investment Areas



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